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Case Examples

Read about some of the ways the CIMBF have been able to help.

The case examples on our website are a typical cross-section of cases supported by the CIMBF to give an insight into our work. In the interests of confidentiality, no real names have been used.

We received a call from Lindsay...

We received a call from Lindsay...

The Accident

We received a call from Lindsay, one of our members who, sadly, had been out of work for several years. This situation had arisen because of a terrible car accident in which she had sustained life-changing injuries, but even more debilitating, she was also suffering psychological damage due to the trauma of the accident.

The problem

Over time Lindsay had recovered sufficiently to consider a possible return to work. In fact she was required to seek work if she was to continue receiving benefits. Due to her long ‘career break’ and the trauma suffered, however, she felt neither equipped nor sufficiently confident to return to a Marketing role.


At this point, the member reached out to the CIM Benevolent Fund and the Trustees assessed how best the fund could help. The aim was to assist Lindsay in her return to work. It was decided that, with opportunities in Digital Marketing, Lindsay would be greatly helped by attending a CIM Digital Marketing course in order to gain a relevant qualification and to update her marketing knowledge and skills. In addition the fund purchased a new laptop computer for her, not only to help her re-train in this area - staying at the leading edge, but also to be able to apply for jobs online and to create and supply an updated CV using the latest technology.


As a result of the Benevolent Fund’s help, Lindsay was successfully able to re-enter the job market and begin a new career in the Digital Marketing sector.